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There are many difficult decisions to make regarding the care of a loved one, especially when a loved one becomes seriously and chronically ill or who needs help with their daily living activities. This is where non-medical home health care can help. Non-medical home health care may provide the answer to this question because they can offers services to help meet the needs of those who are ill or disables.

Caregiving by an AideKeep in mind; non-medical home health care is services provided by a caregiver that does not require medical training. In order to live on their own, these services may be just what an ill, elderly or disabled person needs.

Sleeping is often the main focus of non-medical care. Instead of needing help throughout the day, many seniors or the disabled require help when getting up in the morning. When taking morning medications, dressing, showering or bathing; these are areas where seniors need assistance. Many also require someone to stay with them overnight in case any problems occur or help them with personal needs in the evening.

For non-medical caregivers, cooking and meal preparation is another major task. Being unable to move quickly enough to deal with a fire on the stove is difficult for the disabled; even though they can otherwise take care of themselves. Being unable to see well enough to read ingredients in a cookbook, or are unable to chop vegetables, are other examples of how the disable struggle.

For example, a caregiver may come less often and prepare food that can be reheated later, or come in every day to prepare fresh meals. Help with grocery shopping is another example of how caregivers can help with activities outside the home. In addition, many disabled, elderly and chronically ill people cannot drive. There are also many who have serious problems getting around, especially when there are mobility issues that make it difficult using public transport. Helping to select needed items and be in charge of driving them to the store, are activities an aide can provide.

Non-medical care can be beneficial even for those who have serious medical needs. Often, the medical side of a loved one’s needs are met; however, doctors and nurses often don’t have the time to attend to their non-medical needs. For a nearly-bed bound senior, having someone else come in and do things like cook and clean, can be a godsend.

A topic that has not been covered yet is companionship, this adds to the many other helpful things non-medical care can do for your loved one. Spending time with an elderly or disabled person, is a highly prized benefit that a non-medical caregiver can provide. Caregivers talk with them, play games with them and take them to various activities. Socially, this can be the difference between night and day, especially for those who were once active but who are now confined to their home.

Not knowing that there are more services available than just medical care, many try to care for their loved ones on their own. Providing assistance in daily activities within and without their home, non-medical home care aides can make a big difference in someone’s life. For housebound clients, they also provide friendship and socialization.

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